Ghost Riding the Whip

Posted October 24 2006 03:18 PM by tbrown 
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Tell Me Where to Go

Ghost-ride The Whip/Now…Scape/Put Your Stunna Shades On/Now Gas,Brake, Dip, Dip/ Shake Them Dreads/Let Me See You Show Your Grill/Now…Thizz Face/Door Open, Mayne/ Now…Watch Em Swing/ Go Stupid Go (Dumb,Dumb)”…

Go Dumb

I’m pretty sure that we all know the rest of the words to E-40’s hit song Tell Me Where To Go. This song has definitely caused a craze, by getting everyone involved with the well-known “Hypy Movement” that originated in the Bay Area. E-40 is one of the main Bay Area rapper’s that put the “hypy movement” on the map. This movement is an action of  people getting “crunk”. When I say crunk, I mean that they don’t care about anything that’s going on around them. As long as the music is blasting in the background, and folks are shaking their dreads, it’s all good.

Speaking of going dumb as well as stupid, another popular movement that has made a name for itself in the Bay Area is “ghost-riding the whip”. For those of you that are not familiar with what this phrase mean, let me explain. “Ghost- riding the whip”, is the act of putting ones ride in neutral, opening all doors, and placing the volume of the music to its max, and rollin. But wait…there’s more! Not only are all the doors open but the driver is hanging outside of the car, or even on top of the roof, whichever one he or she prefers, while the rest of the entourage are dancing to the flow of the beat.

CRAZY!!!!!! I know, but this movement has absolutely made a name for itself. Although it’s very dangerous, it draws a lot of attention and people say that it’s a lot fun.

What is your opinion on the HYPHY MOVEMENT?

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